Managerial Excellence



Taught by experienced local professionals, Managerial Excellence will teach you the skills and framework that businesses are using today. The program is designed to be highly focused and interactive so that you will develop strategic management and leadership skills in just 12 weeks. You will earn a micro-credential certificate upon completion of the program, which is comprised of three badges: Managerial Leadership, Inspiring Teams, and Organizational Management.


You will.

In just 12 weeks. That’s what makes NorQuest College’s Managerial Excellence unique. Not only will you leave with a new understanding of leadership, but you’ll also have experience applying your knowledge in the community. Combining experiential learning and community-based projects, we offer you a mix of unconventional education and an environment full of diverse thinkers, connections to local business professionals, and opportunities to gain hands-on experience within Edmonton. It’s what makes NorQuest the ideal place for you to become a leader.

Upon completion of your 12-week learning experience, you will put your skills to the test in a Community Action Project. This project is a team-based activity exploring a real community issue. In addition, you will earn a micro-credential certificate to boost your LinkedIn profile and help you stand out in the job market.


The world has changed over the past few years. Business has too. Leaders today must be able to connect local issues to larger global themes. Understanding your local community and navigating real-life business problems is a must.

Managerial Excellence will allow you to meet local professionals and understand the business challenges they face. Most importantly, you’ll make new connections and grow your network—because in business, it’s who you know.


Taught by experienced local professionals, Managerial Excellence is designed to teach you the skills and framework that businesses are using today. The course content is highly focused to include only the specific courses you need to be successful. Course material is offered in a variety of formats, including simulations and on-the-job learning, so you will understand the knowledge on a deeper, personal level.


Managerial Leadership (21 hours)

Gain insight into your unique leadership style and identify personal development opportunities for yourself as a leader.

Inspiring Teams (21 hours)

Learn how to coach and develop others to build an engaged workplace. Gain the frameworks and support for leading within the culture of your project, team or organization.

Organizational Management (21 hours)

Foster real problem solving and learn new ways of thinking to make better tactical and strategic decisions in your organization.

Community Action Project

Explore a real community issue in a team-based project. Apply leadership principles using design thinking methodology. Learn how to analyze an issue, identify potential approaches and solutions, and test and prototype possible solutions. You will synthesize your learnings in a final report and presentation during Capstone Day.

Program Dates: October 25, 2021 – January 31, 2022

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