MS Excel – Excel Fundamentals



Price: $250.00 CAD + Tax

This MS Excel Fundamentals course covers a variety of topics, including: the basics of using MS Excel, entering numbers, text, and formulas, using formulas and basic functions, cut/ copy and paste, the autofill function, general formatting, and shortcuts.

Topics include:

Understanding the Excel 2019 Screen

Starting Excel

  • Row, Column, Cell, Range, and Workbook

Enter Numbers, Text, and Formulas

Use Formulas and Basic Functions

  • Arithmetic Operators
  • Order of Mathematical Operations
  • Sum, Average, Max, and Min
  • AutoSum

Cut and Paste

Copy and Paste



  • Themes
  • Text Alignments
  • Font Style, Font Size, Bold, Italics, Underline, Borders, Fill Color, and Font Color
  • Currency Style, Comma Style, and Decimals
  • Top Align, Middle Align, Bottom Align, and Orientation
  • Wrap Text and Merge & Center
  • Change Column Widths
  • Insert and Delete Rows / Columns

Shortcuts to Moving Around in a Worksheet

  • Enter, Shift Enter, Tab, Shift Tab, Home, Ctrl Home, Ctrl End, Page Down and Page Up

Shortcuts to Selecting Text

  • Shift Arrow, Click / Ctrl Click, Select a Column / Row, Select a Range, and Select a Worksheet


Price: $250.00 CAD + Tax