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Through interviews with industry experts and engaging product case studies, the Hemp Processing and Products course provides information on how to process fibre, seeds, and cannabidiols for future hemp entrepreneurs, product development managers, or anyone interested in understanding the range of products that can be produced with hemp. This course will explore all the different options for products that come from industrial hemp such as textiles, plastics, cosmetics, food, and building products.


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The Hemp Processing and Products course provides an overview of the industrial hemp industry. The course explores aspects of the history of hemp growing and commercialization, Canadian regulations, and the industrial supply chain. Frameworks of the parameters surrounding hemp farming, and fibre, seed, and flowering head/CBD processing are examined. A focus on understanding the industrial hemp market, and enterprise within it, is maintained throughout all course modules. The course is capped with a series of unique case studies that showcase influential hemp entrepreneurs.

This course is divided into seven (7) modules and entrepreneurand business case studies. Each module is self paced and 30 minutes in duration. By the end of each module, you will be able to:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Analyze the market opportunities of industrial hemp from seed to final product
  • Understand and describe the difference between marijuana and industrial hemp
  • Demonstrate awareness of different varieties of hemp grown for specific market applications

Module 2: History

  • Understand the history of legalization and the development and commercialization of hemp, including when and why industrial hemp were made illegal and later legalized in North America
  • Analyze hemp in other, global, jurisdictions
  • Describe how hemp has historically and currently affected other industries and what its potential impact could be

Module 3: Regulations

  • Understand how industrial hemp is regulated and by which federal ministry in Canada
  • Describe the changes to the Industrial Hemp Regulations under the new Canadian Cannabis Act
  • Interpret the Cannabis Act and licensing
  • Identify how to fill out the most currently available Health Canada Application for an
  • Industrial Hemp License
  • Identify the types of businesses that are within the industrial hemp industry

Module 4: Supply Chain & Processing (Farming)

  • Identify the different industrial hemp cultivars and their purpose (seed, fibre, dual purpose)
  • Explain best management practices for site selection, variety selection, field preparation, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizer use, organic, rotation with other crops, crop diseases, insects, other things that might impact the growth
  • Describe the different types of machinery you would use for seeding and harvesting industrial hemp for different purposes (fibre, seed, dual purpose, chaff)
  • Discuss the effect of the environment on the end products

Module 5: Supply Chain & Processing (Fibre Processing)

  • Identify the different components of the stalk - fibre, hurd, and dust
  • Analyze the fibre yield (tonnes/hectare of different varieties) and compare it to other best fibre crops
  • Describe fibre processing from farm to end products
  • Identify example final products that can be made from the stalk

Module 6: Supply Chain & Processing (Seed)

  • Identify the different components of the seed – protein, oil, heart, hulls, meal
  • Explain seed yield and compare it to other oilseed products
  • Describe seed processing from farm to end products
  • Identify example final products and markets that can be made from the seed

Module 7: Supply Chain & Processing (Flowering Head and Cannabinoid)

  • Describe what cannabinoids are and differentiate between THC and CBD
  • Explain what terpenes are
  • Describe the different cannabinoid extraction processes
  • Differentiate between different processes based on product yield and quality
  • Identify example final products and markets

Entrepreneur & Business Case Studies

  • Just Bio Fibre Structional Solutions Corp, Terry Radford
  • Fetch Kayaks, Mitchell Raynar
  • Cosmetics by Katakami, Kristin Katakami
  • HempCo Food and Fibre Inc., Diane Jang
  • Bio Composites Group, Dan Madlung

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In the news

Content Contributors

Techfibre Industries

Laura McIlveen
Laura McIlveen is a Chemical Process Engineer with 12 years of experience in Bio-processing. She was a lead engineer in the development of the Decortication Pilot Plant in Vegreville, Alberta and continues to work on projects related to Industrial hemp processing and products.

Wade Chute
Wade Chute is the owner and President of Techfibre Industries. Wade is a Chemical Process Engineer with 27 years of experience in fibre processing R&D, plant design and start-up, process troubleshooting and optimization.

Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance

Russ Crawford
Russ Crawford is the former President of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance. Russ Crawford developed the content for the instruction, history, and regulation modules.

Bio Processing Innovation Centre

David Fielder
David Fielder is an experienced scientist with over 25 years of business, management, research and commercialization expertise in the area of botanical ingredients for the personal healthcare markets.


Jason Finnis
Jason Finnis, is a 25 year veteran of the hemp fibre industry and has hands on experience in all areas of the hemp value chain. He has contracted hemp acreages in multiple countries, overseen the installation and commissioning of 4 decortication and/or fibre refining lines in multiple countries, owned and operated a hemp and flax fibre degumming facility in Europe, and has led the creation of multiple patents dealing with bast fibre processes and products. Mr. Finnis has successfully commercialized bast fibres with global brands including Ikea of Sweden & Georgia Pacific.

Does this class have an instructor?

This class is interactive, self-paced, and designed for students to take in the comfort of their own home, at their own pace.

We have filmed subject matter experts talking about hemp processing and products as a way to provide specialized knowledge from a range of highly-qualified hemp experts and industry professionals.

What is the learning experience like?

After registering in the course you will automatically receive an email with access instructions and a link to the online learning platform (Moodle). When you access the online learning platform the course will be visible on your personal “dashboard.” Each module in the course is designed as a completely immersive experience with slides, voice-over, videos, and quizzes. After each module, learners will receive a badge. A certificate of completion will be granted to those that complete the course in entirety.

What can I expect for quizzes and test?

There will be multiple choice questions within the course modules. All quizzes and assignments are designed to be accessible and easy to complete by learners with a busy schedule. By engaging on the course content within each module, you will have the answers to each evaluation.

How much time will I need to spend?

Each module will take 30 minutes to complete. There are 7 modules in the course, along with the entrepreneur profile stories.

How long will I have access to the class?

Each registrant will have 3 months to access the course content from the time that they pay for the class.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds will not be issued for this course.

Price: $285.00 CAD + Tax